Our Vision

Life together. Loving God. Loving Others.

We are seeking to reclaim the heart and spirit of the New Testament church, which looks a bit different than many churches today. Where many churches center their energies around buildings and budgets, rituals and structured events, in Reclaimed we believe that the New Testament vision of church is organic. An organic church is a living, breathing, dynamic, mutually participatory, every-member-functioning, Christ-centered, shared expression of the body of Christ.

We focus on developing daily spiritual rhythms for our walk with God (UP), fellowship with one another (IN), and service to others (OUT). We want to wholly reflect the heart and spirit of Acts 2:42-47 in which the early Christians were connected to God’s word, fellowship, service, and sharing the message of Christ.

We are not about keeping traditions for the sake of the tradition. For us, this means an emphasis on being body-based (people oriented) rather than location-based (church-building oriented). It means being life-style oriented (developing daily spiritual rhythms) rather than event-oriented (meeting an hour on a Sunday or a Wednesday). We want to connect in ways that are relevant, meaningful, and authentic so that we all continually grow in the image of Christ.


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