Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Andy and Roslyn

Andy and Roslyn have served young adults and families in ministry for more than 30 years. Their greatest joys are serving others and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Andy, with his agnostic/atheistic background, and Roslyn, with her Christian background, make for a powerful team to provide mentoring and spiritual encouragement and guidance.

Their desire is to help you discover how Christ can profoundly impact your life.

Josh and Robin

Throughout their marriage, Josh and Robin have served a variety of ages from young children to college students and fairly new parents. They delight in encouraging and supporting others in setting and reaching meaningful goals. Josh, with his life-long Christian background, and Robin, with her background of living in the world and then finding Christ as a young adult, are dynamically equipped for providing mentoring, encouragement, and spiritual guidance.

Their hope is that they will be able to help you realize the purpose and wholeness Christ can bring into your life wherever you are along your journey.


Brad and Elizabeth

Brad and Elizabeth have served teens, young adults, and young families, first as college students and now as a married couple. Brad and Elizabeth find great joy in identifying and fostering others’ strengths. Through Brad and Elizabeth’s Christian backgrounds and the blessing of having met people from all walks of life due to a military lifestyle, they are uniquely equipped for meeting individuals where they are and providing mentoring and spiritual encouragement and guidance. Together, Brad and Elizabeth hope they will be able to walk with you as you discover the impact that living in community with Christ and others can have in your life.


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