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How is Reclaimed different from other churches?

Reclaimed is a church modeled after the New Testament church. We are seeking to reclaim the heart and spirit of the New Testament church, which looks a bit different from many churches today. Where many churches center their energies around buildings and budgets, rituals and structured events, we believe the New Testament model of church is organic. An organic church is a living, breathing, dynamic, mutually participatory, every-member-functioning expression of the body of Christ.

We are focused on developing daily spiritual rhythms for our walk with God (UP), our fellowship with one another (IN), and our service to others (OUT). We want to reflect the heart and spirit of the early Christians in Acts 2:42-47 who were devoted to God’s word, fellowship, service, and sharing the message of Christ.

We are not about keeping traditions for the sake of the tradition. For us, being the church means being body-based (people oriented) rather than location-based (church-building oriented). It means being lifestyle oriented (developing daily spiritual rhythms) rather than event oriented (meeting on an hour on a Sunday or a Wednesday). We want to connect in ways that are spiritual, meaningful, and authentic so that we all continually grow in the image of Christ. 

What is discipling, and how do I get involved?

A disciple is a learner or follower. The original disciples were ordinary people like you and me. They had families, jobs, hobbies, and social lives. Yet, amid their busy lives, they learned to follow and be like their master Jesus. We also desire to follow Jesus in all of life. We are helping one another develop spiritual rhythms that encompass the UP (relationship with God); IN (fellowship with one another); and OUT (serving and reaching out to others with the good news of Jesus).

Jesus’ commission to us was to go make disciples (Matthew 28:19). We simply want to be and to make disciples of Jesus. Developing disciples is cultivated through a number of ways in Reclaimed. We offer one-on-one spiritual mentoring, discipleship groups (DGs) of three to four people; and missional communities (MCs)—groups of 12 to 30 who encourage and equip each other to live for Jesus day by day. 

If I visit a small group get-together, what should I expect?

Whether you attend a Sunday gathering at a home, a one-on-one Bible study, or a three-person discipleship group, you can expect to be warmly and enthusiastically welcomed. You will meet real people who are striving to live daily for Jesus in all the ups and downs of life. You can expect a relaxed environment where you can ask questions, receive encouragement, and share your heart and thoughts openly.

If I sign up to be mentored, what does that look like?

Mentoring comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on your interests and needs. Mentoring can be one-on-one in which you can ask specific questions and explore options for decisions you need to make or goals you want to achieve. It may be spending time with another couple or family for marriage enrichment or support in raising your children in a spiritual environment. Mentoring can be a combination of individual attention and group participation in a one-on-one Bible study, discipleship group (of three or four), or missional community (group of 12 to 30) as we learn together how to live for Jesus day to day.

I'm an international student looking to get involved in a group. Do you have anything geared toward me? 

As an international student you may have interest in areas related to culture, language, food, customs, or religion. Our missional communities would be a great way to connect and explore your areas of interest. You have many opportunities to be in our homes where you can experience our culture and foods, and you in turn can share with us. It’s a bit scary to be in a foreign country away from your family—we empathize and would love to give you a place you can call “home” while you are pursuing your education. We can also help you with conversational English if you desire to sharpen your English proficiency. If you want to learn more about God’s word, we would be thrilled to share with you in a way where you can discover the Bible’s message and apply God’s truths to your life today.

What will I get out of being involved in Reclaimed? Why spend my time doing this when I have a thousand other things to do?

Developing and enriching your spiritual life is vital. While you may divide out class, work, relationships, and activities, your spiritual walk permeates all areas of life. You need genuine connectedness. You need healthy relationships. You need others who have your best interests in mind, and who, like you, are trying to make it through the challenges of life. Let us walk with you for encouragement, for mentoring, for spiritual development. We are not looking for you to join us for an “event,” but rather a fellowship where you can live for Jesus in all of life.

If I fill out a form on your website, what should I expect next?

Have in interest in Reclaimed? We will respond to meet your specific needs and assist you spiritually and in other life-related needs you may have. If you give us your phone number, we will give you call. If you give your email address, we will send you an email. If you would like to get together, just let us know what will work best for your schedule. We are here to serve you.

Do you meet on Sundays? If so, where, and what does that look like? 

We do gather together on the first day of the week, Sundays, in homes and apartments. Dress is casual, as though you are visiting friends in their home. A Reclaimed gathering is reflective of 1 Corinthians 14:26, “When you gather, each of you be prepared with something that will be useful for all: sing a hymn, teach a lesson, tell a story, lead a prayer, provide an insight.” We purpose to live life in community as disciples of Jesus where everyone is spiritually supported, encouraged, and equipped to be and make disciples.

Our Sunday gatherings are at different times, depending on each missional community (MC). Some of our MCs meet at 10:30 a.m., and others choose to meet on Sunday afternoon or evening. Our gatherings are organic, in that we do not plan out a particular ordered program. Our gatherings are an open time of singing, praise, prayer, sharing, scripture reading, and celebrating the Lord’s Supper. We generally meet in the casual comfort of homes or apartments, but an MC may choose to meet at a park or travel to the beach for their Sunday gathering.

What is worship/music like? 

We have the best music. Unlike churches that may focus on entertainment or putting on a show, our gatherings are a place of great music because it is our hearts through singing that fill the room. We are not trying to lure you with a band or a stage performance. We sing to encourage and build up one another and praise God. The apostle Paul told the Colossians to sing with thankfulness and gratitude in their hearts, and at Reclaimed that is what we do.

There are many religions that all seem the same. Why do you  focus only on Jesus and not other deities? 

Jesus is Lord. While he is revealed in scripture as a prophet, priest, and king, he is also the image of the invisible God, and in him all things hold together (Colossians 1:15-17). Jesus is God in the flesh (John 1:14), who came and dwelled among us. Jesus is the one who explains God to us (John 1:14). Jesus is the exact representation of God’s nature and upholds all things by his power and is at the right hand of the Majesty on high (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus himself summed it up when he said, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30) and, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Come learn of Jesus with us. You will discover his distinctiveness and his superiority, so that you can follow him in all of life.

What do you offer for children and teens during group meetings?

During our Sunday gatherings, children and teens meet along with adults. We take time to focus on a lesson, story from God’s word, or age-appropriate songs for our children. Our teens participate along with adults in offering prayers, praise, scripture reading, and singing. Our missional communities with younger children are good at providing toys/activities for the kids during our gatherings as well as taking time to engage our children in learning of God and his son, Jesus.

What denomination are you?

We are non-denominational. We are simply Christians. We believe, as the Bible teaches, that all who respond to the good news of Jesus through faith, repentance, and baptism are added to the church by God himself (Acts 2:47). making us simply disciples, followers of Jesus Christ.

Do I have to dress up to attend your worship service?

Nope. If you do, which is fine, you might stand out. You won’t find ties and dresses. We are casual.

What kind of adult education/spiritual growth opportunities do you offer?

We are here to help you in your spiritual journey. To those seeking, we offer one-on-one studies so you can discover and respond to God’s word. To those who are new in Christ, we offer one-on-one study sessions that will assist you in maturing in Christ.

We participate in daily Bible readings which contribute to our Sunday gatherings. We offer small three-person groups called discipleship groups (DGs) where a common Biblical text is read and discussed and applied. We also have times when we offer a special series of discussions related to a specific teaching from scripture or a book of the Bible. A lot of our spiritual enrichment and growth will be found by connecting with one of our missional communities (MCs), where you can join in with others as we together follow Jesus in all of life. 


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