DISCIPLE: Mathēteuō μαθητεύω a student, a follower, a learner.

A disciple is a learner or follower. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are not talking about just head knowledge, but following Jesus in every area of life. As Jeff Vanderstelt expressed, being a disciple of Jesus means “worshiping Jesus in all of life, being changed by Jesus in all of life, obeying Jesus in all of life, and then teaching others to do the same.”

The original disciples were ordinary people like you and me. They had families, jobs, hobbies, and social lives. Yet, amid their busy lives, they learned to follow and be like their master Jesus. We also desire to follow Jesus in all of life. We are helping one another develop spiritual rhythms that encompass the UP (relationship with God), IN (fellowship with one another), and OUT (serving and reaching out to others with the good news of Jesus).

Jesus’ commission to us is to go make disciples (Matthew 28:19). Discipling is not just getting together for a Bible study, but rather a life-on-life dynamic in which we encourage, equip, and model to one another what it looks like to follow Jesus. We simply want to be and make disciples of Jesus. Developing disciples is cultivated several ways in Reclaimed:

  • Spiritual mentoring. At times, like Jesus with Peter, it is good to spend some one-on-one where questions can be answered, scripture can be explored and applied, and journeying with someone else in their spiritual walk helps form Christ in both persons. Sign up for one-on-one mentoring.
  • Discipleship Groups (DGs). On occasion, Jesus spent time with just three disciples (Peter, James, and John). Our DGs  explore God’s word in groups of three or four to learn from each other how to live out the good news of Jesus and to pray together. Join a discipleship group.

Making disciples is in our DNA. Reclaimed is a family of missional communities on mission to be and to make disciples. Questions? Contact us here.



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