Spiritual Mentoring

We offer mentoring to help you grow and make wise decisions throughout your college years and  beyond. Whether a student, young professional, newly married, young family, or just at a time in your life where you are ready to be spiritually enriched, we’ve got you covered!

Jesus is concerned about the everyday stuff of life and so are we. Whether developing a budget for your finances to how to raise your children daily in Christ, to making decisions for your life, we are here to assist.  We are here to make connections with you to enrich your life.

It really comes down to what you need. We all need a little help walking through this life, and our mentors are here for you. Sign up today!

Discipleship Groups (DGs)

A disciple is a learner or follower. Christ’s original disciples were ordinary people like you and me. They had families, jobs, hobbies, and social lives. Yet, amid their busy lives, they learned to follow and be like their master Jesus. We also desire to follow Jesus in all of life. We are helping one another develop spiritual rhythms that encompasses the UP (relationship with God); IN (fellowship with one another); and OUT (serving and reaching out to others with the good news of Jesus).

Our DGs are smaller usually three-person groups, where you can study the bible, pray, and grow together. These may be over lunch or coffee, in a Zoom meeting, what ever best works for you! 

Interested in joining? Click here.

Missional Communities (MCs)

Our missional communities (MCs) are groups of 12 to 30 who encourage and equip each other to live for Jesus day by day. We gather on Sundays in fully participatory praise, prayer, and building up. MCs are also a great way to meet other believers who you can grow in fellowship with.

If joining an MC sounds intriguing, click here.

International Connections

As an international student you may have interest in areas related to culture, language, food, customs, or religion. Our missional communities would be a great way to connect and explore your areas of interest.

You’ll have many opportunities to be in our homes where you can experience American culture and foods, as you in turn share your culture with us. It can be scary to be in a foreign country away from your family. We empathize and would love to give you a place you can call home while you are pursuing your education.

We can also help you with conversational English if you desire to sharpen your English proficiency. If you want to know more about the Bible, we would be thrilled to share with you in a way where you can discover the Bible’s message and apply God’s truths to your life today. Click here to sign up. 

Get Connected

We offer spiritual mentoring, discipleship groups (DGs) of three to four people; and missional communities (MCs)—groups of 12 to 30 who encourage and equip each other to live for Jesus day by day.



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