Life Together. Loving God. Loving Others.

Who We Are

Reclaimed Church is non-denominational communities, organized in 2018 to specifically serve UCF, east Orlando, and Winter Park. We are being reclaimed by Jesus Christ to wholeness and spiritual life and, in turn, are reclaiming the heart and mission of the church he established.

re·claim \ ri-ˈklām \
Obtain the return of; also, regain possession of.

re·claimed \ ri-ˈklāmd \
Rescued from an undesirable state; also, restored to a previous state .


A Church for Today

Our ambition is to make life in Jesus Christ accessible to all in a profound way. We are a church for today, not tied to traditions of church buildings, elaborate productions, or outdated practices that no longer elicit action in our daily lives. We are small communities in which everyone is spiritually supported and equipped to live daily as disciples of Jesus and grow in relationship with God, fellowship with one another, and service to others.


We’re Here for YOU

We offer mentoring, discipling, and spiritual discovery for those who are seeking. Desire to strengthen your relationship with God? We are here to support. Want to learn about Jesus Christ and don’t know where to begin? We are here to guide. Want a community in which to belong? We are here to welcome. Want to reach out and serve others? We are here to work alongside. Be reclaimed by Christ in community with us as we reclaim his mission for his church in today’s world.



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